The purpose of this website is to give you information about nursing home abuse and to why you should hire a Tulsa nursing home sexual assault attorney.

Nursing & Convalescent Home Abuse Attorneys in Tulsa, Oklahoma

The purpose of this website is to give you information about nursing home wrongdoing. We will tell you what types of problems constitute maltreatment and ways that you can identify said maltreatment. Nobody should go without representation regardless of finances. Most attorneys will give you a free case review and take their fees out of your settlement. Please call them to see what you can work out.

Each year thousands of elderly people are abused in convalescent homes, skilled nursing units and similar places. If your loved one has suffered wrongdoing at the hands of an assisted living facility or institution, you may be able to seek compensation.

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Rest Home Abuse and Neglect is a Serious Problem

Neglect may take many different forms. It does not have to be physical. Injuries can also be emotional. If you notice that your loved one is acting differently than usual, it could be a sign of illness BUT it could also be a sign of emotional or physical trauma. Pay attention to subtle signs of change and if you suspect abuse, an investigation is in order. Don't delay.

Signs of Nursing Home Maltreatment

Here are some things you need to watch for:

  • Physical abuse – this can cover assault & battery, rape, unreasonable physical restraint, unneeded chemical restraint, deprivation of food or water, improper administration of medications, unexplained injuries or physical condition, bruises or open wounds, patient reports of hitting or slapping, forcing resident to stay in room
  • Neglect – physical or medical neglect, unsanitary conditions, frequent infections, failure to protect resident from physical hazards, failure to help resident with person hygiene or clothing, failure to make sure resident eats
  • Emotional/verbal abuse – resident is: upset or agitated, unusually withdrawn, exhibits unusual behavior such as rocking, or biting, exhibits unusual behavior toward family members, or wants to isolate him/herself from other people
  • Other signs to be aware of – injuries that require emergency treatment including broken bones, heavy sedation, injury or death following resident being missing for awhile, unusual weight gain or loss without explanation, injury by another resident, unexplained death of resident, frequent unreported illness If you suspect that your loved one has been abused or otherwise neglected in a nursing home or institution, contact an experienced Oklahoma nursing home abuse attorney immediately.

If a resident is abused physically or verbally, it can lead to the need for psychotherapy, physical therapy, or even an orthopedic surgeon to repair complex fractures.

Remember, some patients are unable to tell you what is wrong. You will have to be their eyes and ears. If you think your loved one is acting different than usual, or if you find signs of trauma such as bruises and unexplained fractures, contact an attorney for help. Your loved one's life could depend on you.